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Enric Ansesa, Fabián Cháirez, Donald Martiny, María Eugénia Trujillo

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Imaginart is a contemporary art gallery that develops its work through two areas: the exhibition activity in Barcelona and advisory of private art collections, both nationally and internationally.
In its exhibition activity, aligned with its task of managing collections and defending the freedom of expression in the visual arts, Imaginart has specialized in an organic and progressive way in the art of protest, transgressive and political nature; and focuses its efforts on exposing critical artists with the status quo, whose work has suffered attacks or even censorship at some point.

Ni submisa ni devota

Wed 15th Sep., 5pm – 9 pm | Opening. Professionals
Thu 16th & Fri 17th Sep., 10am – 8pm | Professionals
Sat 18th Sep., 11am – 8pm | General public
Sun 19th Sep. 11am – 3pm | General public

The exhibition Ni sumisa ni devota (Neither submissive nor devoted) is the response with which María Eugenia Trujillo (Colombia, 1953) attacks the historical submission of women to men. Since Eve took her first bite into the apple, Catholic tradition has made women the embodiment of lust, temptation, and sin. Trujillo's works stand as plastic metaphors at the service of poetics with a social, historical and religious theme, which doesn’t only delve into the feelings of guilt that weigh on women, but also claims liberation and sexual pleasure. In María Eugenia Trujillo’s work, the form is also a declaration of principles: the needle becomes the artist's brush to honor the feminine activities crossed out as “minor arts”. From the renewing gaze of a woman who represents a woman, Trujillo embroiders parts of the female body that she incorporates to apparently religious objects to redefine them and turn them into works of art destined to contemplation and thought.

María Eugenia Trujillo

María Eugenia Trujillo (Colombia, 1953) is mainly interested in the taboos of women's sexuality. She studied Philosophy and Literature at the Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino in Cartagena (1989), Fine Arts at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá (1976) and Gerence and Cultural Management at the Universidad del Rosario. Her works have been exhibited, among others, at the Palacio de la Inquisición in Cartagena, the Gallery La Escalera in Bogotá, the Universidad CES in Medellín and the Museo de Caldas in Manizales. Collectively, Trujillo has participated in international exhibitions such as Macondiando in Châtillon (France, 2013) and the Salon Femmes Bronchées 95 in Montreal (Canada, 2013).

Among her earliest works are Dibujos from 1990 and Once años, first exhibited in 2000 at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, Cartagena. With this last exhibition, Trujillo began to specialize in embroidery and the use of mannequins as artistic pieces, elements that were consolidated in the series Maps ilimitados in 2007 and Las vírgenes in 2010. In her later exhibitions, the most important themes in her work became the gender difference and the traditional conceptions of sexuality in contemporary society.