The Collector is Present2024

barcelona gallery weekend

From May 9th to 11th, we celebrate the second edition of The Collector is Present: the programme resulting from the collaboration between collectors and gallerists.

13 gallerists invited collectors to develop a joint proposal in their galleries, the starting point to generate an agenda of exhibitions, meetings and conversations regarding the connections stablished between collectors, gallerists and artists, as well as the different ways of approaching art and the motivations for acquiring it.

ADN Galeria / Berta Caldentey
Bombon Projects / Amira Solh
Chiquita Room /  Luis Cerveró
Dilalica / Vicente Matallana (NewArtFoundation)
Fuga / Carlos Manzano
Galería Alegría / Manel Gili (SIS Marcs)
Mayoral / Marc Giró
Pigment Gallery / Ramon Córdoba i Ignacio Martínez
Prats Nogueras Blanchard / Mela Dávila Freire
RocioSantaCruz / Natàlia Chocarro (Fundació Vila Casas)
Senda / Manuel Expósito
Suburbia Contemporary / Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi
Uxval Gochez / Marcel Pérez Iserte

Full 2024 programme comming soon, stay tunned!