3 Punts Galeria

Represented artists

Beneyto, Blek le Rat, Andrew Bush, Shepard Fairey, José Hernández, José Cobo, Mark Jenkins, Mark Laita, Gerard Mas, Emilio García, Alejandro Monge, Efraïm Rodríguez, Samuel Salcedo, Janelle Lynch, Jan Schüler, Ramon Surinyac, Kiko Miyares, Nick Veasey.

About Gallery

Founded in 1994, 3 Punts Galeria works towards the promotion of contemporary art from its multiple disciplines. Its global vision of art leads it to collaborate with galleries and institutions, as well as to attend international art fairs.

Contemporary art galleries are an energising element of the local and international cultural scene, which is why 3 Punts creates and participates in initiatives that generate social mobilisation and the search for excellence in the plastic arts. Being aware of the commitment of art as an indispensable element for the understanding and improvement of social reality, 3 Punts gives importance to the quality of the works and the professionalism of the artists it represents, generating synergies and complicities that are essential for the evolution and penetration of artistic work in the social network.

Furthermore, 3 Punts Galeria considers it essential to encourage the initiation of new collectors, to accompany them in the construction of their collections and to provide continuous advice that will enrich both parties, given that learning is mutual, continuous and exciting.


From Thu. 17th to Sat. 19th Sept. / 10 am - 8 pm
Sun. 20th Sept. / 10 am - 3 pm

3 Punts Galeria proposes the collective exhibition ARTIS BONA (Good Art) in which we want to show artworks from different disciplines made by artists with whom we regularly work and others whose works we believe are worthy to be seen in this exhibition.

The common point that we want to highlight in this exhibition is the technical and artistic excellence in the execution of the works. In times of uncertainty, we think it consoles us to see artworks that show us something solid, well executed, representative of each artist and that we can admire, understand and value for ourselves.

For Barcelona Gallery Weekend we will exhibit a series of artworks of exceptional quality specially chosen for the audience of this event. The pieces, carefully selected, will participate in a dialogue and reflection on the use of the different artistic disciplines and materials while at the same time showing the formal and conceptual richness of contemporary art.

Aitor Ortiz

Aitor Ortiz (Bilbao, 1971), whose most personal works capture large monumental structures, presents part of his work on three-dimensional supports, so that his photographs end up becoming a kind of photo-sculptures.

Ángela de la Cruz

The artistic career of Ángela de la Cruz (A Coruña, 1965) has not ceased to provide moments as noteworthy, suchas her exhibition at the Camden Arts Center ('After') in 2010, for which she was nominated for the Turner Prize that same year. In 2017 she was awarded the National Plastic Arts Prize.


Dean Stockton (UK, 1978), aka D*Face, is considered one of the most provocative contemporary urban artists in the world. Through the subtlety of Pop Art, his narrative style points to the fragility of life, while reflecting popular culture, the notion of good triumphing over evil, and the stereotypes of the American dream.

José Hernández

After a relatively short period in which he draws and paints in a natural way, José Hernández (Tangiers, 1944 - Malaga, 2013) becomes interested in material informalism, which leads him to a greater knowledge of the different techniques of oil, encaustic and other mixed painting. 

Nick Veasey

Nick Veasey (UK, 1962) creates all his work through X-rays, fusioning science and art.

Okuda San Miguel

Óscar San Miguel Erice (Santander, 1980), whose initial projects in abandoned roads and factories in Santander are clearly recognisable, reaches greater maturity and a more personal path from 2009. The geometric structures and multicoloured prints blend with grey bodies and organic forms, bring up contradictions about existentialism, the universe, infinity, the meaning of life and the false freedom of capitalism.

Richard Stipl

Richard Stipl (1968, Sternberk, Czech Republic; lives and works in Prague) began his sculptural practice by interpreting himself. His work focuses exhaustively on the undefined nature and the paradoxes inherent in the act of continually recreating oneself throughout one’s life. His influences come from religious art, mythology, but also contemporary art and street art.

Samuel Salcedo

The artworks by Salcedo (Barcelona, 1975) aim to emphasize the masked nature of human beings. An illusory, sometimes grotesque, often ridiculous but somehow decent condition of the post-modern citizen. His sculptures always question the viewer with their subtle irony and vulnerability.