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Expo The art of emptiness: contemporary ceramists

From Thu. 17th to Sat. 19th Sept. / 10 am - 8 pm
Sun. 20th Sept. / 10 am - 3 pm

The art of emptiness, curated by Caterina Roma, is a chronological journey through the work of most outstanding ceramists in recent decades, starting with Llorens Artigas, father of contemporary Catalan ceramics. The artists present their particular definition of the concept of emptiness, of the relationship between the material, the clay, and the space that it contains or that surrounds it. In fact, emptiness is a silent companion to ceramics throughout its history, which is also the history of humanity itself.

The younger generation from ceramic artists also uses clay as a material with sculptural possibilities; beyond the merely functional, they maintain an undeniable connection with oriental ceramics. However, they do not completely move away from the legacy of vessels, from the container format: they reinterpret it with new materials and creative choices; they make it have a place in our society. Unusual containers and forms, precious, play —now, openly— with emptiness, with nothingness.

Artists: Josep Llorens Artigas (Barcelona 1892-1980), Corrie Bain (Caithness, Scotland 1979), Carme Balada (Barcelona 1957), Isabel Barba Formosa (Barcelona 1947), Maria Bofill (Barcelona 1937), Ruth Cepedano (Barcelona 1972), Claudi Casanovas (Barcelona 1956), Carme Collell (Barcelona 1951), Roger Coll (Badalona 1979), Rosa Cortiella (Barcelona 1965), Mia Llauder, Dameon Lynn (Sunderland, Reino Unido 1972), Madola (Barcelona 1944), Jordi Marcet (Barcelona 1949) y Rosa Maria Vila-Abadal (Barcelona 1950), Nuri Negre (Girona, 1971), Caterina Roma (Lleida 1977), Joan Serra (Mataró 1962), Penélope Vallejo (Santa Mª Palautordera 1978).

Carme Balada

Carme Balada (Barcelona 1957) studied ceramics at the Massana School in Barcelona and took several experimental courses including "Earth and Magma" with the ceramist Claudi Casanovas, "Construction of Kilns and Experimental Fires" with the Indian ceramist Wally Hawes.

Carme Collell Blanco

Carme Collell Blanco (Vic, 1951) works on ceramics through the technique of burnished engobe, which she learned at the Collell Workshop in Montevideo. She was a teacher at the School of Art and Superior of Design in Vic and is a member of the International Academy of Ceramics.

Caterina Roma

Being a self-taught ceramist from a very young age has given her a rare freedom to create by intuition and observation.  Caterina Roma (Lleida, 1977) has been able to explore the possibilities and limits of the materials without prejudice, judging by experience and following instinct. 

Claudi Casanovas

The ceramics-sculptures by Claudi Casanovas (Barcelona, 1956) introduce us into a geological landscape. They “seem” basalt, granite rocks, just extracted from the volcanic setting in which the sculptor works. 

Corrie Bain

Corrie Bain (Caithness, Scotland 1979) is an award-winning ceramic artist and professional sculptor from the United Kingdom. Born in Scotland and grew up on the island of Euboea in Greece, she studied ceramics at the Edinburgh College of Art and the Alfred University in New York. She lived in Korea, China, Japan, the USA and England, and has over than 30 years of experience in ceramics. For the last 10 years she has been based in Barcelona.

Dameon Lynn

Dameon Lynn (Sunderland, UK 1972) began researching sculptural and modernist pots, developed natural monochrome surfaces and experimented with forms with ratio and proportion. In 2012 he began working with lathe pieces, deconstructed and reconstructed vessels, and in 2015 he Introduced to Anagama kiln, He develops clay bodies and experiment the effects of natural ash glazing. 

Isabel Barba-Formosa

Inspired by traditional pottery, Isabel Barba-Formosa (Barcelona 1947) usually creates objects which can be used as containers. Nevertheless, these  porcelain objects often lose their functionality during the creative process.

Joan Serra

Joan Serra (Mataró, 1962) is the director and teaches at the Ceramic School at the Museu del Càntir of Argentona, he is in charge for the educational activities of the International Ceramic Fair of Argentona and coordinates the scientific committee. Member of the Association of Ceramists of Catalonia, of the International Academy of Ceramics of Geneva and Master Craftsman by the Government of Catalonia.

Jordi Marcet y Rosa Vila-Abadal

Jordi Marcet (Barcelona, 1949) and Rosa Maria Vila-Abadal (Barcelona, 1950) are members of the International Academy of Ceramics and Master Ceramists, a title granted by the Generalitat de Catalunya in recognition of the work carried out in this field.

Josep Llorens Artigas

Josep Llorens Artigas (Barcelona 1892 - 1980) is considered the most innovative ceramist of his generation. 


Madola, pseudonym of Maria Àngels Domingo Laplana, (Barcelona, 1944), is known for its pieces of organic forms that combine tradition with contemporary and conceptual art. 

Maria Bofill

Maria Bofill (Barcelona 1937) holds a long career as a ceramist, having participated in exhibitions all over the world and in research stays at the main international ceramics research centres. Her work is part of prestigious art collections.

Mia Llauder

Mia Llauder's sculptures are configured by the link between modules: porcelain pieces that are repeated, elements that over the years have been incorporated into a sample book of basic units that the artist keeps in a typographer's drawer and concatenates, aligns, to write her stories.

Nuri Negre

 Nuri Negre (Girona, 1971) started studying ceramics and art, such as painting and drawing, as a hobby. She took part in several collective exhibitions and won the first prize at a ceramic art competition.

Penélope Vallejo

Born near the mountain of Montseny, the close relationship with nature is a very important factor in Penélope Vallejo's work (Santa Mª Palautordera, 1978).

Roger Coll

Roger Coll (Badalona 1979) studies Technical Architecture at ETSA La Salle University, Sculpture at EASD Llotja and Ceramics at Escuela Forma of Barcelona. In 2009 he obtained a sculpture scholarship from the Generalitat of Catalonia to work as an assistant to Jiri Geller in Helsinki. Upon his return, he began his personal Krasznai ceramic project.

Rosa Cortiella

The artwork by Rosa Cortiella (Barcelona, 1965) escapes from technical perfectionism, in a search for contrasts of light and colour by juxtaposing black and white or by using electricity to oppose darkness.

Ruth Cepedano

Ruth Cepedano (Barcelona 1972) began her studies in artistic ceramics in 2010 at the Llotja School of Design and Art (Barcelona). Since then she has received international awards and participated in various group exhibitions.