Bombon Projects

Represented artists

Olarn Chiaravanont, Anna Dot, Joana Escoval, Enric Farrés Duran, Diane Guyot de Saint Michel, Pere Llobera, Josep Maynou, Jordi Mitjà, Aldo Urbano

About Gallery

Bombon Projects is a contemporary art gallery that opened in Barcelona in February 2017. It was preceded for 5 years (2012 - 2017) by a project-space, Pasaje Studio, also in Barcelona, but in a different location.

The gallery is interested in local and international artistic practices that reflect a contemporary social and emotional sensibility, as well as in the claim of artists from previous generations. This translates into the exhibition programme, where the work of young artists has been combined with historical figures. The programme includes exhibitions in the gallery space, off-site projects and fairs.

Expo Writings for a sighted skin

From Thu. 17th to Sat. 19th Sept. / 10 am - 8 pm
Sun. 20th Sept. / 10 am - 3 pm

"Writings for a sighted skin" is an exhibition dedicated to the tired eyes; the desire to offer a pause, stimulating the body and inviting it to dance, allowing it to be guided by the skin. With this aim, the exhibition is the result of addressing a number of issues: how do we make an exhibition that prioritizes what is to be felt and that should be touched rather than observed with the eye? How are we going to move through such space? Can such space be an excuse to design new choreographies for the viewer? What objects, what materials, what shapes appeal to the skin and not to our eyes?

Anna Dot

Anna Dot’s (Barcelona, 1991) is an artist and researcher at the Department of Translation, Interpretation and Applied Languages of the University of Vic. Her projects focus on translation and communication processes, paying special attention to the processes of reading and writing as well as digital technologies. Anna Dot often uses tools that explore text as if it was a cumulative technology.