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In 1997 Toni Catany published, in the collection "Lo mínimo" of the publishing house Estizo, the small volume Cossiols, which gathers twelve photographs taken in August 1985 in Llucmajor, in the house and in the corral in Purgatory Street, where he lived the first years of his life. Catany had been living in Barcelona for some years (since the 1960s) when she took these photographs of the house, which was now inhabited by her mother alone. The images show us what the environment was like where he grew up and where, years later, the Cossiols series was to be produced.

Catany often portrays the corners of his house in Llucmajor. This reincidence, which his archive evidences and documents, is shown in this specific series, dated 2002, of some pots hanging from the walls of the corral. These are just some of the many images he produced over the years and during his stays, especially in summer, in his mother's house. These pots are photographed in their usual place, without composition and with natural light, and Catany's intervention is limited to the frontal dam and a simple framing.

Toni Catany

Toni Catany (Mallorca, 1942 - Barcelona, 2013) is considered one of the great masters of contemporary Catalan photography. Through his captures, which reveal a universal and timeless air, he opens the doors to his most intimate and sincere world.