Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo

Represented artists

Alfredo Chamal, Mario Dilitz, Cesc Abad, Mariajosé Gallardo, Max Gärtner, Kepa Garraza, Patrik Grijalvo, Malgosia Jankowska, Concha Martínez Barreto, Jacinto Moros, Salustiano, Dirk Salz, Fernando Suárez, Francisco Suárez, Iñigo Arregi, Javier Ruiz

About Gallery

Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo is an art gallery founded in Barcelona in 2009. Its mission is to launch and consolidate the careers of emerging and mid-career artists who have a unique contemporary art approach, in order to deliver this value globally and consolidate it in the European and international art market.

Located in the gallery area of Barcelona, Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo has two exhibition halls with a total of 130 square meters. It organizes between 8 and 10 exhibitions a year, some of which are curated by expert curators, and participates in several international fairs.

Expo Propaganda

From Thu. 17th to Sat. 19th Sept. / 10 am - 8 pm
Sun. 20th Sept. / 10 am - 3 pm

"Propaganda" is a new series of drawings, which aim to analyse the use of propaganda as a political tool throughout history and the fundamental role played by art in this process. Given the inexhaustible breadth of the subject matter, it is inevitable that this analysis offers a partial and unbiased view of the matter. The intention of this series is to incite the spectator to reflect on the nature of power and its representation

The selection of artwork and press photos, which cover a period of 25 seconds, from the fifth century in Christ to our days, relating propaganda as a form of representation that aims to influence the attitude of a social group, presenting only a band or aspect of an argument. These images offer a non-linear overview of history, reflecting on the role of art in our society and highlighting its political and social dimension, as well as its inevitable influence on the development and telling of history.

Kepa Garraza

Graduated in Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country, Bradford Art College in England and the University of Barcelona, Kepa Garraza (Berango, Vizcaya, Spain, 1979) began his exhibition career in 2004, at which time he received various scholarships and awards. His work is a reflection on the nature of the images we consume daily, questioning official discourses and the processes of institutional legitimisation.