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Represented artists

Aggtelek, Raphaël Barontini, Antoine Et Manuel, Christto & Andrew, Paco Chanivet, Fito Conesa, Antonio Fernández Alvira, Natacha Lesueur, Momu & No Es, Amanda Moreno, Miguel Rael, Guillermo Ros, Michael Roy, Carlos Sáez, Luis Úrculo, Vicky Uslé

About Gallery

Since 2013, the Espai Tactel programme has focused on the promotion of the most audacious and contemporary art in its different expressions and aspects, paying special attention to the latest trends. Its purpose is to establish lasting links with both the artists it represents and those who it collaborates with, supporting their careers and projects, establishing relationships with other galleries, critics, curators and institutions, as well as having a presence at contemporary art fairs.

With the clear intention of finding new ways to reflect upon and promoting the search for new challenges and inspiration, in 2018 Toormix design studio, in Barcelona, has aligned itself with Espai Tactel gallery in Valencia, to open this new space in Barcelona aiming to fusing art, design and experimentation. Espai Tactel.Toormix presents new exhibition proposals in collaboration with the Toormix design studio, as well as it holds debates that focus on the reflection of artistic discourse, the mixture of disciplines, the creative process, and experimentation.

Expo Però no tinc temps per a aquesta merda ara mateix, com si m'importessin els concursos de pixades...

From Thu. 17th to Sat. 19th Sept. / 10 am - 8 pm
Sun. 20th Sept. / 10 am - 3 pm

"Però no tinc temps per a aquesta merda ara mateix, com si m'importessin els concursos de pixades entre monstres." is the first project by Guillermo Ros and Paco Chanivet carried out expressly for the Espai Tactel Toormix gallery, also being their first collaboration.

This exhibition proposes using the exhibition space as a scene where the pieces act as characters linked to a narrative about the artistic system and the work that the artist plays.

Thus, uniting both artists shared interests such as video games, role-playing games, science fiction, cosmic terror, the use of materials in art, collapse or post-irony, a breeding ground is forged from which they emerge the hybrid beings-pieces between dog and monster that make up the exhibition. These piece-beings represent their own role in the story, generating a complex lore (in the gamer sense of the term) that refers us to Ros and Chanivet's own cultural universe, where the conversion of the artist into the perfect animal of company of capitalist society and how this idea can be turned around at any time.

Guillermo Ros

The artwork by Guillermo Ros (Vinalesa, Valencia, 1988) focuses on the systemic violence inherent in the process of artistic creation. The tactility of the materials he uses together with the creation of sets are two fundamental features of his creative process. Assuming both the personal and general context of the art system, this sculptor embraces the figure of the artist as an inexhaustible machine of schizophrenic production, doing so from a testimonial role.

Paco Chanivet

"We are between two worlds, one we know the other doesn’t exist yet." I. S.

It is between these two universes that the work of Paco Chanivet (Seville, 1984) is found, floating with a non-believing and
mocking stance between the strange and the sublime.