Represented artists

Iñaki Bonillas, Raymond Chaves, Patricia Dauder, Koenraad Deddobbeler, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Dora García, Ana Jotta, Guillaume Leblon, Jochen Lempert, Asier Mendizabal, Matt Mullican, Marc Nagtzaam, Peter Piller, Xavier Ribas, Allen Ruppersberg, Pieter Vermeersch, Christopher Weber & Isidoro Valcárcel Medina.

About Gallery

Based in Barcelona since 2003, ProjecteSD program has been constructed to generate a dialogue between renowned and young artists, and a platform to host and present works of different times and contexts, as a way to priorize artistic value over trends, classifications, nationalities or generations. ProjecteSD has traced a rigorous line of work, a solid yet not predictable program, with the goal of promoting its artists in the international art contemporary scene and to introduce to the Spanish audience international artists.

ProjecteSD has combined a daring exhibition program with a number of significant events that go beyond the conventional exhibition format. The gallery devotes special attention to artist's books and has been engaged in its own publishing work since 2008. Since 2014 ProjecteSD produces limited edition posters for each exhibition held at the gallery designed exclusively by artists as a way to counteract corporate overdesigned manifestations to favour, simplicity and directness.

Sin distancias

 Thursday September 15th: From 12pm, professionals' opening / 6pm general public
Friday 16th & Saturday 17th: 11am - 8pm
Sunday 18th: 11am - 3pm

"Sin distancias" (without distances) revolves around the figure and career of the renowned artist Isidoro Valcárcel Medina (Murcia, 1937), one of the most relevant figures in Spanish conceptual art. 

The exhibition presents a selection of works that have shaped the artist’s career, from very early works (Pintura 77 and Pintura 78, 1963-65) to recently produced pieces (Media Hora en la Media Noche, 2022).Unexhibited or little-known works are combined with iconic pieces. Works on paper, documentation of historical actions, texts, drawings, sound works and paintings. The show should not be read as a typical retrospective exhibition, rather a rich, diverse and precise constellation of works that coexist "without distances" and reveal the artist’s idiosyncratic trajectory and attitude towards art, in an ensemble never presented before in any gallery or institutional exhibition.

Isidoro Valcárcel Medina

Daring and brave, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina (Murcia,1937) has always repeatedly rejected the mechanisms by which art is instrumentalized and consumed. His work, developed over fifty years of experience, stands out for its great rigor and coherence, as well as for the vindication of conceptual practices to reveal the immateriality of the arts. Each of Isidoro Valcárcel's proposals demonstrates his committed and independent attitude, anticipating his time with innovative artistic projects. This agitator and brave artist has become a benchmark in the development of new discourses in artistic practice.