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Cesc Abad, Iñigo Arregi, Alfredo Chamal, Mario Dilitz, Max Gärtner, Kepa Garraza, Patrik Grijalvo, Malgosia Jankowska, Concha Martínez Barreto, Jacinto Moros, Dirk Salz, Fernando Suárez, Francisco Suárez, Javier Ruiz

About Gallery

Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo is an art gallery founded in Barcelona in 2009. Its mission is to launch and consolidate the careers of emerging and mid-career artists who have a unique contemporary art approach, in order to deliver this value globally and consolidate it in the European and international art market.

Located in the gallery area of Barcelona, Victor Lope Arte Contemporáneo organizes between 8 and 10 exhibitions a year, some of which are curated by expert curators, and participates in several international fairs.


Thursday September 15th:
From 12pm, professionals' opening / 6pm general public
Friday 16th & Saturday 17th: 11am - 8pm
Sunday 18th: 11am - 3pm

If anything characterises the works of Carsten Beck (Denmark, 1986), it is his ability to turn something simple into something interesting. Based on a minimalist aesthetic true to the basis of concrete art, Beck creates his work through meticulously outlined geometries which are detached from any symbolic association. In RAW, the artist's first exhibition in Spain, we attend to the display of an ordered, sober art, devoid of ornamentation, which seems to deal with forms and figures in their rawest state. 

Carsten Beck's work echoes the legacy of concrete artists such as Max Bill and Carmen Herrera, her being one of his greatest influences. Although Beck is not graduated in architecture, he takes architecture, its angles and perspectives as a source of inspiration for the sketches that later articulate his canvases. 

Carsten Beck

The Danish artist Carsten Beck (b. Denmark, 1986) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. His paintings can be referred to as a boil down of Scandinavian minimalistic expression transferred to oil on canvas. Beck mixes a geometric perspective in forms and shapes with a mathematician's attention to detail and high-quality materials. His background in print making and photography gives the artist the options to see perspectives in art creating new geometric shapes in a powerful and contradictory color scheme. 

In his opinion, things do not always need to make sense or depict something. It is all about the composition, as well as the balance between black and white. From the layering of colours to the placement of figures. Symmetrical and asymmetrical aspects must be on point from the start. There is a difficulty to making the simple look interesting, which he likes challenging himself with.