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Based in Barcelona, Spain, Suburbia Contemporary presents points of radical similarity between different material cultures and artistic traditions from across the globe. Born in 2017 in Granada with the imperative of gathering artists from a variety of cultural backgrounds and geographical locations within a single cluster, the gallery launched Satellite spaces in Cape Town (2019) and Florence (2020), structuring contact between the East, West, North and South through a consistently evolving, critically engaged exhibition program open to antique and traditional knowledge systems, secret, hidden languages and future definitions of craft and artistic practice.

Guerre des rêves (The War of Dreams)

Thursday September 15th:
From 12pm, professionals' opening / 6pm general public
Friday 16th & Saturday 17th: 11am - 8pm
Sunday 18th: 11am - 3pm

War creates ruins, over and over again, ruins that are sometimes rebuilt and sometimes disappear. We continue to cancel the history of the war, although traces remain, which do not represent what was before or what will be in the future. With the exhibition "Guerre des rêves", Robert Pettena investigates fictional regimes and how they affect social life to the point of making us doubt reality.Television reports take on the appearance of fiction and mimic reality, and the vision of planetary disasters is now subject to the whim of remote control. These new divisions between reality and fiction also condition the circulation between the individual imaginary (dreams), the collective imaginary (myths, rites, symbols), and the work of fiction.

Robert Pettena

Robert Pettena (Pembury, United Kingdom, 1970, lives and works in Florence. The beginnings of his artistic career are situated in the field of experimentation with video art and video installation; since 2000 his research focuses on the relationship between the video image and the spatial environment and has been integrated with other expressive possibilities, from photography to performative interventions, through site-specific projects (among the most recent The Torture of Meditation, Jump into the UnKnown, Future Rhythms, a collateral event of the 56th Venice Art Biennale for SaLE Docks). He taught in 2003 at the Salzburg Summer Academy, between 2004 and 2006 at the LDM Italian International Institute, and is currently a Professor of Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.